RAY ITS ME YOUR BAE LOVIN READ You've seen this already

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RAY ITS ME YOUR BAE LOVIN READ You've seen this already

Post by Lovinblind on Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:59 pm

Moderator Requirements:
16 hours played in the past 2 weeks (You Know how long Ray I come all the time
No bans in the past 16 days\ Iv haven't gotten banned yet Wink

Administrator Requirements:
16 hours played in the past 2 weeks (been on this long
No bans in the past 45 days I have have gotten banned in those days
Must already be a mod to apply for admin Why Did I do this


RP name: Changes but something with ray in it Wink
How long have you played at DG:  Yes many times
What rank are you currently within the server?:Pretty sure below User
Age:  13

Steam name: Lovinblind
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:68229308
Link to your Steam Profilehttp://steamcommunity.com/id/Lovs/
Do you have a mic: Yes
Will you be active on the forum: Yes
Where can the rules be found: In the rule page
5 of the most important rules & Why: No prop push because you can kill a lot of people in rays stupid server Not really I love you ray
Ill tell you the rest when I get in game if I can survive anymore of ray
Why do you believe you deserve the rank?: IM THE BEST RAY WHY WOULD YOU ASK THIS QUESTION, I want to help Ray and be desperate for the rank and help ray with his crap server, cause most admins SUCK  

You see someone running around pushing players with their props: Tell them to stop, then with warnings AND CHEER THEM ON
Someone said in OOC that he had been scammed by a gundealer: Check the logs and ask who the person was, and deal with the problem
Someone said in OOC that he was random arrested: Find the cop and Say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZOywn1qArI
Someone has spawned lots of props in one area: Remove the props, if keeps happening warn the person
Someone claims that the person they are raiding are building to prevent them from getting inside: Remove the props blocking and talk with the person that is wrong #GoodLife
Someone claims that they were killed and the person is no longer in the server and is very mad about it: Wait till the person comes back or just leave it how it is, cause its their problem that they left such an "Amazing" server



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