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Better MOTD

Post by Fluffle Puffle on Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:02 pm

General Rules

No Prop Killing or Abuse
No Randomly Killing other players W/O a VALID REASON. (RDM)
No Prop Climb.
No Hacking/DDOS Threats. Threats are taken seriously and could result in a Permanent Ban, even if meant as a joke.
Do NOT Break NLR! NLR is 3 Minutes.
Do NOT Metagame! (Asking other players through a PM about another player's position)
You MAY kill players if they are annoying you, but only after a text warning and a 10 second delay. EX - Stop standing on my head or KOS! You have 10 seconds!
You CAN NOT kill people that are following you. KOS warning or not.
Do NO block off Roads, Doors, ETC. That is considered PROP BLOCK!
Do NOT abuse exploits.
You DO NOT need to advert crimes!

Car Rules

Do NOT kill players with your car! (It is bannable!)

Raiding Rules

Do NOT Minge Raid! (Raiding w/ a clear view of whole building with nothing inside.)
The police can raid your base if any illegal items are within view.
You HAVE to wait out NLR to return to your base.
You must wait AT LEAST 7 minutes to raid the same player again.
Thieves, Parkours, & 2 or More Gangsters are the only jobs allowed to raid. Hitmen may raid to take out their hit if they have one on the player.
Only Terrorists may raid the PD.
You CAN be raided while building, even if there is a sign.
You ARE allowed to counter-raid.

Basing Rules

You are allowed ONLY 3 Fading Doors to your base.

You are allowed 1 extra fading door for valuables / illegals.
C4 and Battering Ram Proof Bases are NOT allowed.
You CAN kill players for being in your base IF you have a KOS sign up.
Fake keypads are NOT allowed.
Invisible props are NOT allowed.
Hit box abuse is NOT allowed.
You can NOT have hidden keypads in / around your base.
Do NOT betray layers you are basing with.
Do NOT buy random doors.
KOS Lines are NOT allowed but having a KOS sign is. (KOS Alleys don't count.)

Job Rules

Players advertising illegal activity CAN be wanted.
Thieves CAN NOT mug.
Do NOT self supply.
Hobos ARE the only ones that can build in public.
Do NOT rape people over and over.
You can NOT rape in public.

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