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Post by Mr.Krabs on Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:53 pm

name: Mr.Krabs
How long have you had the moderator rank: hAvent
How much of your time on the server do you spend On Duty: 3 hrs a day
What rank are you currently within the server?: User
Steam name: Mr.Krabs
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:58761797
Do you have a mic: Yes of course
Will you be active on the forum: Yes
6 of the most important rules: Minging,RDM,Prop kill,NLR,Hacking
Why you deserve the rank: I feel that I deserve the admin rank because I understand how to work a server I have developed many servers over the years and have also owned a few in the past so I can help you with adding donar ranks and telling you ways to increase the number of players on the server I can also work as an enforcer as I can help balance out the good people and the bad people and punish the people that need to be and also reward the people that deserve to be rewarded anything u need I can be of help to u.
How can you help Doggo gaming: I can help to by being active on the forums and also help you on how to setup user friendly forums l.
What do you think are the most important qualities of being an Admin and why?: leadership,knowledge and need those qualitys to be a good admin because you need to know what you r doing but also know that by doing somethings might take some time to work and be put into place.
You see someone running around pushing players with their props: You bring them to a sit and tell them to read the rules that prob killing or blocking is illegal
Someone said in OOC that he had been scammed by a gundealr:you bring the gun dealer and the person that was scammed and tell him to give him the gun or u will be punished
Someone said in OOC that he was random arrested: You go to the cop and bring the person and talk it over and tell the cop to read the rules and jail the cop and unjail the rda person
Someone has spawned lots of props in one area: Tell them to remove them or they will get kicked
Someone claims that the person they are raiding are building to prevent them from getting inside: You noclip in side and if they are tell them to remove the props that r blocking from raiding
Someone claims that they were killed and the person is no longer in the server and is very mad about it: You tell them to calm down check the logs if the persons killed them multiples times you ban them for 3 days if not you just banned them for a small timespan and tell the person it's take care with.


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