specops13 moderator application

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specops13 moderator application

Post by unstableshm on Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:36 pm

RP name: specops13
How long have you played at DG: around 20 hours
What rank are you currently within the server?: member
Age: 15
Steam name: specops13
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:85821392

Link to your Steam Profile:steamcommunity . com / profiles / 76561198131908513 / (wouldn't let me send link correctly)
Do you have a mic:yes
Will you be active on the forum: if needed
Where can the rules be found: MOTD and can be asked on the forums if not understood/any staff member.
5 of the most important rules & Why: 1.No hacking because if people hack we will not have a working rp server
2.No RDM because if people are killing randomly then nobody can rp properly.
3.Only having 3 fading doors is important because if anymore people would abuse it making it impossible to raid.
4.Adverting is important so poeple can be saved if kidnapped and so poeple know what is going on when a raid happens or if you are kidnapped.
5.No prop block is important because if road blocks are made nobody can get by and it could possibly cause a mass RDM.
Why do you believe you deserve the rank?: I have not broken any of the rules and I feel I can be a good part of the servers moderators. I also want to have a semi-strict rp server without rdm.

You see someone running around pushing players with their props: I would freez them and take away the prop then warn them if it happens again the ban.
Someone said in OOC that he had been scammed by a gundealer: I would go see what the problem is then if it is true i will ask the gun dealer to give the persons money back that he scammed.
Someone said in OOC that he was random arrested: I would freeze the cop then move both of them to a place and listen to both sides of the story.
Someone has spawned lots of props in one area: I would ask them to remove them and if they didnt or they spawned more I would ban them,(could crash server because of lag).
Someone claims that the person they are raiding are building to prevent them from getting inside: I would investigate the area and then if it is correct then I would move the owner away until the raid is over.
Someone claims that they were killed and the person is no longer in the server and is very mad about it: I would try to calm them down and then keep an eye out for the person in question.


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