Cpt. Price Staff Application

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Cpt. Price Staff Application

Post by Cpt. Price on Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:50 pm

RP name: Cpt. Price
How long have you played at DG: Since lex showed me 2-3 weeks ago
What rank are you currently within the server?: Sexy User
Age:  16
Steam name: PricelessBrick
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:70697571
Link to your Steam Profile: (Acount)
Do you have a mic: yup
Will you be active on the forum: As active as you would like
Where can the rules be found: doing !motd in chat or Look in your big juicy subway sandwich
5 of the most important rules & Why: 1. Do not FailRP (Killing Yourself To Avoid a RP Situation) or (Reconnecting)
2. Rdm
3.DDOs Threat
Reason: All of these rules can be abused so easily and if they do i feel as if they are the most punishable.
Why do you believe you deserve the rank?: I see a great future for this server and I love the staff. most of the staff love me back @megashark @raykiller24<my bb's ive been dependant on one server for three years until ive decided i found a better one.

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