MegasharkE07's Moderator Application

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MegasharkE07's Moderator Application

Post by MegasharkE07 on Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:11 pm

[u]RP name: MegasharkE07
How long have you played at DG: About two weeks, I've gotten on for multiple ours on a few different days
What rank are you currently within the server?:User
Steam name: MegasharkE07
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:128909777
Do you have a mic:Yes
Will you be active on the forum:Yes
Where can the rules be found: MOTD and loading screen (however it does not have all of them)
5 of the most important rules & Why: RDM, Because it is often misunderstood. NLR, there is a timer on this server, however never seen anyone run by it. Staff and User Respect, Respect is my biggest point in anything, Staff should respect Users, and Users should respect Staff, we're all human. CDM, more and more people are using cars, not watching for anything, as the community grows, as does the accidents. Follow the RP rules by your class, Cops should not just RDM everyone, just because they're all police.
Why do you believe you deserve the rank?: I've been staff on 4 different servers, once had Super Admin and I ran the server basically, Co-Owned one server and it went down due to payments. Then I had Admin on two Defconnations Server, including PurgeRP and SchoolRP, both times I had my staff for two months, but lost it due to personal issues. It's been a few months since I've been staff on anything, and this server is amazing, I'd like to help out in any way I can.

You see someone running around pushing players with their props: It's a Jail first of all, Prop Push is against the rules and can result in a Kick, or a ban if deemed necessary.
Someone said in OOC that he had been scammed by a gundealer: I talk with the Gun dealer, see what the deal was exactly, I can't be biased with my decissions.
Someone said in OOC that he was random arrested: I don't answer it, people call for admin in the @ (message) chat. Nothing else.
Someone has spawned lots of props in one area: Spectate, if it's deliberate, I'll kick them, and based on the effect, I may ban them.
Someone claims that the person they are raiding are building to prevent them from getting inside: That is called Prop Block, however there must be one entrence minimum, so I'll look for another entrence, then if it doesn't look like there is, I will get the owner to fix it.
Someone claims that they were killed and the person is no longer in the server and is very mad about it: L2AP (Left to avoid Punishment) I check consol and check to see if it was truely a death, then I'll ban them for leaving to avoid going into a sit.


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