Derpy gecko's mod application.

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Derpy gecko's mod application.

Post by Derpy Gecko on Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:12 pm

RP name: Derpy Gecko
How long have you played at DG:  I am quite new, but I have experience, and a referrence.
What rank are you currently within the server?:User
Age:  20 (DOB 12/09/1995)
Steam name: Derpy Gecko
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83601126 or 76561198127467980
Link to your Steam Profile: too new, can't post, will put in profile.
Do you have a mic: Absolutely, I use it all the time.
Will you be active on the forum: yes

Where can the rules be found: They are right underneath the forum discussion for applications, it's the motd.
5 of the most important rules & Why: I'd say these are the most essential rules to list for any rp server, straight from the motd: No prop killing (or any prop abuse)
No prop climb
No Hacking/DDOS, threats will be taking seriously and you will be PERMA BANNED even if it is a joke
New life rule is (5 mins)

Why do you believe you deserve the rank?: I think I could really help with this growing community, and I have the experience of a staff member for gmod rp. I would really like to help out, and I think that's why I deserve a shot at it.

You see someone running around pushing players with their props: First time, tell them to stop, if they keep doing it after you leave, jail them for 2 minutes. if they keep doing it after the jail, either kick them or ban them depending on how many times he does it, and so on.
Someone said in OOC that he had been scammed by a gundealer: Bring the mentioned gun dealer, and the person claiming to have been scammed and question both of them about the incident. Come to a conclusion based on both sides of the story and, depending on what is said, punish or refund accordingly.
Someone said in OOC that he was random arrested: This is an easy one. Bring the cop that committed said rda, and the victim, unarrest victim, jail cop, make sure he doesn't do it again.
Someone has spawned lots of props in one area: delete said props, and warn the person who spawned them about prop spamming, if tey do it again, jail them.
Someone claims that the person they are raiding are building to prevent them from getting inside: Stop the person being raided from building (prop blocking?) and depending on how they react to your commands, jail or warn them.
Someone claims that they were killed and the person is no longer in the server and is very mad about it: first calm the victim down, and then, if the player who killed him left recently, look in logs for evidence of the kill, and if it is true, id ban accordingly.

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