MOTD For Doggo gaming

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MOTD For Doggo gaming

Post by Man Girl Child on Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:53 pm

General Rules

No prop killing (or any prop abuse)
No prop climb
No Hacking/DDOS, threats will be taking seriously and you will be PERMA BANNED even if it is a joke
New life rule is (5 mins)
No Meta game is allowed
You can kill players who insult you after you have given them a text warning to stop and they persist
You can't kill people who follow you
Do not block off public areas, roads, streets it is considered prop block.
Do not abuse exploits.
Car Rules
Do not kill players with your car (it is bannable)

Do not minge raid
The police can raid if they see any illegal stuff, such as printers, drugs, guns
You have to wait your nlr time to return to your base
You must wait 4 mins to raid the same person again
Thieves, Parkours & Gangsters(2 or more) are the only jobs allowed to raid. Hitmen may raid to take out their hit if they have one
You can only raid the pd if your a terrorist
You can be raiding while building
You are allowed to counteraid
You are allowed 9 keypads and 3 fading doors to your base
You are allowed 2 extra keypads for valuebuls
C4 and battering ram proof bases are not allowed
You can kill players for being in your base IF you have a kos sign
Using fake keypads is not allowed
Invisible props are not allowed
Hit box abuse is not allowed
You cant have hidden keypads for your base
Do not betrey people your basing with
Do not buy random doors
Kos Lines are not allowed but having a kos sign is

Job Rules
Do not RSS
Advertising that you are doing something illegal is a reason for cops to warrant/wanted you
Thiefs can not mug
Do not self supply
Hobos Are the only ones that can build in public
Don't Rape people over and over and you cant rape in public

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